Track record


Banca Prealpi merged with Banca San Biagio: the new «Triveneto» biggest local bank

Banca Prealpiand Banca San Biagiocompleted the merger process which gave rise to the largest cooperative bank in the “Triveneto”, in the top 5 of the Italian mutual banks, and the first CassaCentrale Group shareholder.

With over 19 thousand shareholders, 130 thousand customers and over 9 billion volumes handled, the new bank will be able to count on a net equity of over 350 million euros, a TIER-1 / CET-1 Ratio of 20,2% and a Texas Ratio equal to 48,6%. The operation, approved by the Assemblies, will become executive starting from next July 1st2019

Scouting Capital Advisor acted as exclusive financial advisor sell-side during the whole merger process. The Scouting team involved in the transaction has been composed by Rinaldo Sassi (Founding Partner), Giuseppe Pelliccioni (Managing Director), Enrico Vignoli (Senior Analyst).